An emerging space in business

We help your business to truly know how to be and think as  a group,

amplifying your impact in becoming a cohesive force for change.


In these times of fast-paced and extreme changes, we are increasingly called to work in groups and intact teams bound by a deep common purpose.


We find ourselves in uncharted dimensions of group space where we are encouraged to explore deeply and cultivate group wisdom, for a higher level of creativity and performance. Truly knowing how to be and think as group is a life-changing experience, opening to new levels of consciousness needed for our work in the world today.


This is the next frontier in business.


Key questions for our times

  • How do we, as committed and engaged leaders, work more powerfully and consciously in group formation?
  • How do we learn to step into this higher level of group endeavor and deeper interconnection?
  • How do we access the inherent power of wholeness within systems that are often separative and fragmented?

A group is not simply a gathering of people, but a sound and energy network of great power

that is capable of achieving goals that support the common good.

Enzio Savoini

Group System

An Evolutionary Group System


an inclusive and holistic approach to organizational team
and group development


organizational design, group psychology, psycho-energetics
with an integral worldview

Individually we make a difference, collectively, we change the entire world.

Mark Lewis

A System Where the Group

Becomes a space for growth and creativity, both individually and collectively
Accesses transformational tools that take it to new ways of being and acting in business
Sees itself as a functional whole where group identity becomes its essence
Stays focused in a higher level of purpose anchored in the common good
Opens to a greater field of consciousness developing the capacity of an inner boardroom
Activates a new level of performance accessing the wisdom of heart and soul
Uses a matrix of 7 universal creative principles to guide group work

“When the forms of an old culture are dying, the new culture is created

by a few people who are not afraid to be insecure.”

Rudolf Barho

Who We Are

We are an inter-disciplinary group who has co-created a unique activation system for inner and inter-group development.

We have come together globally to leverage the power of group work to higher levels.

Our aggregate experience spans decades of work in evolutionary group awareness.

Our mission is clear: to inspire and support leaders as they bring business back to wholeness through cultivating group consciousness.

Who You Are


An intact team or group dedicated to higher levels of group performance in service of a higher purpose.


Evolutionary business leaders who are curious and unafraid of standing in the unknown. Who are bold and willing to take part in a new group experiment.
If your group feels called to this new experiment or you’d like to learn more, we’d love to hear from you.