Active Intelligence – building group field


“Consciousness is a reflection, a projection, a manifestation of the intelligence that in-forms the world.” Ervin Lazlo

There is a profound awakening happening in the world and in business. Pointing us towards new ways of being and thinking. Some call it the dawning of a new consciousness. Others refer to it as the awakening of universal love.

At its core, this wake-up call is all about activating subtle structures of awareness, entering new realms of relationship and igniting dormant dimensions of an unrealized form of intelligence. It is seen as the natural unfolding of human awareness as it matures and transforms from an egocentric to a collective consciousness.  

What is it to create the right conditions for a higher form of intelligence, in our organizations? And what unites us?

One of the prerequisites in harnessing a unified field of intelligence is in shifting our thinking from ”me to we”. And what is unique about WE-space is the merging of our individual and inter-subjective fields into one integrated organism, where we can consciously relate, co-create, and co-emerge, as manifestations of a greater field of awareness.

The power of organizing ourselves in groups is not a new concept. What is important to note though, is how under higher forms of consciousness, groups can evolve and optimize their capacity to perceive and associate at higher levels of complexity. We can begin to rewrite our story by stepping beyond the fragmented mind and turning away from our unconscious behaviors and patterns. Guided by our highest intelligence, we can embrace new levels of group wisdom and act from an integrated, harmonious whole. To achieve greater efficacy, we need to aim for better outcomes and find peaceful and inclusive ways to act.

Awakenings show up in moments of transition – between breakdowns and breakthroughs. They most often catalyze enlightenment, innovation and creative interactivity. As a result, new forms of expression come into existence. We see evidence of this when individuals reach personal limitations in their own thinking and naturally seek partnerships to enhance and maximize the power of group intelligence. In reaching higher resonance, we are able to orient ourselves towards and not away from each other, through moments of shared interests, collective purpose and a common future. And from this, the idea “for the greater good of all” arises, rooted in cooperation and heart coherence. 

Consider for a moment, the notion of a prism of light reflecting the seven colors of the rainbow. Each colour representing one aspect of our collective intelligence and by extension each person in a group bringing a unique point of view from which we can align, expand into progressive heart openings and experience spontaneous releases of creative genius. As we are finding, none of today’s great business issues can effectively be resolved without a synthetic, multi-dimensional perspective. We cannot enter into deep inquiry without acknowledging our inter-relatedness to all things. Nor can we ignore how world events are affecting all of us. 

In taking this essential leap into WE-consciousness, we develop our ability to align as generative, collaborative and coherent energy fields. By extending our smaller selves and participating in communal experiences, we open to a sense of inner mutual participation that has not previously existed or been truly explored. 

As we open to our collective imagination, we are better able to envision and serve a future that holds us all. It is the wormhole through which we can step directly into a field of active intelligence.            

What unites us, makes us stronger. And with it comes a new source of energy – soul awareness.

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