Anne is a committed advocate in helping to presence a more soul- conscious, heart-centered and ecologically-minded business culture. It is her belief that working from the inside out is the path to bringing business to wholeness.


Anne is co-founder of, a dynamic online learning platform dedicated to seeding, nurturing and transforming business by awakening the heart.  With her business partner, Kim Crawford, she is the co-creator of Conscious Business Conversations© and the newly-launched Love in Business System©, an evolutionary experiential learning series merging an enlightening “inner to outer” approach with agile and relevant application.


Anne brings over 40 years of cross-sectoral experience in the fields of education, business, spirituality, deep ecology and the arts. As a master educator, Anne has been responsible for the research, design and implementation of multiple transformational learning programs across several sectors and learning environments. Her approach is rooted in the applied wisdom of an inter-disciplinary and integral pedagogy. She has taught at the University of British Columbia and has published articles both in academia and business, including a book on the early history of French-Canadian Theatre.


In 2003, Anne was invited to partner in the development of a leading-edge values-based online business in Sweden ( ) which ultimately led to an international collaboration with the Banff Leadership Centre. Her introduction to Deep Ecology, in the 1980s was a turning point for Anne and her passion for the environment has been expressed through land stewardship projects with her architect husband, John, and in eco-advocacy campaigns and initiatives on the West Coast of Canada. 


As a certified Conscious Business Change Agent, a qualified Corporate and Executive Coach and conscious business entrepreneur, Anne has been at the forefront of organizational and leadership development, group focalisation initiatives and has worked in both private and public sectors. Her signature strength is her capacity to synthesize diverse and far-ranging perspectives and focus them into a unified field of vision, using heart, soul and the intuitive mind. She has a gift in supporting individuals and groups as they presence elegant solutions to complex problems.


For the past 20 years, Anne has been a contributing member in SEQL, an Esoteric Studies & Meditation program focused on the awareness and expression of group soul work.  She has recently joined the Community of Living Ethics in Umbria, Italy where she is immersed in deepening her research and study of the science of inner group consciousness.