Active Intelligence – building group field

“Consciousness is a reflection, a projection, a manifestation of the intelligence that in-forms the world.” Ervin Lazlo There is a profound awakening happening in the world and in business. Pointing us towards new ways of being and thinking. Some call it the dawning of a new consciousness. Others refer to it as the awakening of… Continue reading Active Intelligence – building group field

Love and Wisdom – informing group from within

We all serve as an attractor for the future. Our energy fields acting as magnets, each exerting their own force.  Much like in an orchestra, our personal field is a unique instrument with its own sound and sphere of influence.  The quality of our notes and the space between these notes is the substance out… Continue reading Love and Wisdom – informing group from within

Will and Purpose – primary group fires

We all know that a group will only truly succeed in its shared endeavour if united by a common purpose and aim. For some groups, purpose is arrived at through deep inspiration, a calling if you will, to something that whilst bigger than the group itself, feels important and attainable on some level. For other… Continue reading Will and Purpose – primary group fires

Seeding a new thoughtform

Leadership everywhere is undergoing a crisis, a massive renewal. More often than not these days, leaders are navigating without a compass or a map. In fact, we are seeing so many of the stabilizing forces that we have depended on, being disrupted, fragmented. The only constant in today’s world is the evolution of human consciousness.… Continue reading Seeding a new thoughtform

Group radiation

– aligning the mind in the heart Of course we’ve all heard of putting our foot in our mouth but I wonder if we have ever pondered the idea of the mind in the heart? Most of us will be very aware of the power of persistence, determination and will when seeking to get things… Continue reading Group radiation

Wholeness in Business

We carry within us an incredible wisdom. We each have information that lives within that can be brought into our consciousness to awaken our potential. The Heart is our access to connectedness and wholeness. Through mind and heart coherence we access deeper wisdom. We discover or remember what we didn’t know we didn’t know. Connecting… Continue reading Wholeness in Business

Changing our minds

There is a way of being in business that is spacious, present, purposeful and conscious. It offers us a new way to see with the eyes of the heart and listen deeply from within. To bear witness to the deep wisdom that lies within business. When we learn to quiet the mind, our inner knowing… Continue reading Changing our minds

What is a group?

Undoubtedly, we all feel well able to answer this question having encountered many groups in our lives and yet the chances are we haven’t really scratched the surface of the true constitution of groups and their potential and importance in the future of human evolution. Groups have a multi-level constitution just like individuals. That is… Continue reading What is a group?