Changing our minds


There is a way of being in business that is spacious, present, purposeful and conscious. It offers us a new way to see with the eyes of the heart and listen deeply from within. To bear witness to the deep wisdom that lies within business.

When we learn to quiet the mind, our inner knowing that has patiently been waiting below the surface, gradually appears, is evoked. This inward journey awakens us more fully to our humanity and touches the spirit inside each of us. Gently taking us to the core of who we are authentically meant to be and what we are here to do. Inviting us to enter into universal rhythms and patterns, to connect with each other beyond form. To inhabit a soul-centered approach at work.

As we turn our energies within and go beyond our busy minds, our higher purpose reveals itself. When we join with others in a unified field of thought building, of collective group consciousness, the possibility of cross-pollinating and seeding new thought in business grows exponentially.

The true power of reflection is its transformative nature and its capacity to influence our outer expression, in impactful and beneficial ways. As we learn to navigate these inner waters, love and compassion, for self and others, take a more prominent place. Breathing us into greater aliveness and abundance.

Contemplation is the conscious act of observing ourselves, individually and collectively, as we align with our innate potential. And as groups in business, it is a way to amplify a higher resonance in our workplaces and to expand our sphere of influence.

The paradox lies in first dismantling our heavy reliance on the intellect to make room and ultimately open new pathways of awareness. Establishing an inner to outer flow may seem unfamiliar at first, yet, it is key to unleashing and deepening a heart-focused work culture.

A contemplative practice is essential for thought leaders to reach a state of equanimity and equilibrium from which to respond and engage pro-actively to outer events while laying the foundations to alternative generative ways of being and doing in business.

Emphasizing inner transformational practices and lived experience in the marketplace is the necessary catalyst to change because they are the only things strong enough to quiet our ego’s insatiable demand for attention.

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