Kim’s mission is to support individual, group, and organizational transformation through heart-centered awareness.  She is a compassionate, intuitive, and engaging transformational change agent.


Kim is co-founder of, an on-line experiential learning platform dedicated to seeding, nurturing, and transforming business through awakening the heart. She is the co- creator of Conscious Business Conversations© and the newly launched Love in Business System© an evolutionary experiential learning series merging an enlightening “inner to outer” approach with agile and relevant application.


She has integrated several decades of experience as a healthcare professional focused on whole system transformation with an ongoing journey in consciousness. Originally trained as a pharmacist, her background and experience include over 30 years as a transformational change leader in healthcare. Her experiences include innovations focused on transforming the patient and family experience, patient safety, care transformation across the continuum, practice transformation, and enhancing provider experience.


She believes that your heart is the most powerful tool available to transform your life and change the world. As a coach and focaliser, she invites you to become an explorer and create possibility. She provides a space for you to pause and awaken the creative, authentic, and inspired human potential within.


Kim has been on her spiritual path since a young age. Though it has taken different forms at different ages, spiritual growth has always been a part of her life. Her life- long pursuit of experiential learning and the consciousness continuum continues to deepen transformational experiences in the science of mind, the science of being, the science of group work, and spiritual psychology. 


Certified as a Conscious Business Change Agent and transformational change coach, Kim helps organizations to presence a more soul- conscious and heart-centered business culture. Using heart, soul, and the unified mind to bring business back to wholeness.


She is a member of SEQL and the Community of Living Ethics in Umbria, Italy where she is currently immersed in the study of the science of inner group consciousness and participates in the Damanhur Federation in Italy where she continues ongoing research in group consciousness.