Love and Wisdom – informing group from within


We all serve as an attractor for the future. Our energy fields acting as magnets, each exerting their own force. 

Much like in an orchestra, our personal field is a unique instrument with its own sound and sphere of influence.  The quality of our notes and the space between these notes is the substance out of which group consciousness is built. In other words, we are part of a group field and we are the group field itself, where multiple energies flow.

Clearing our instruments and remaining stable within the energies of the group purifies and enhances our relationship to space and flow.  Through right relationship we build bridges and synergy with each other.

With practice, we can lean more deeply into the space between the notes…into the pause. Listening to what is said and unsaid.

Responding to the purpose within the group heart.  A point of synthesis.

Open, receiving, transmitting awareness. Love informed with wisdom. Wisdom informed with love.

The field of possibility.

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