Seeding a new thoughtform


Leadership everywhere is undergoing a crisis, a massive renewal. More often than not these days, leaders are navigating without a compass or a map. In fact, we are seeing so many of the stabilizing forces that we have depended on, being disrupted, fragmented. The only constant in today’s world is the evolution of human consciousness. And in the business world, the need for inner thought leaders who have the capacity to coalesce our thinking into a universal and unified field is essential to our moving forward.

A new thoughtform, group consciousness, is emerging to facilitate our passage from single-mindedness and hardwired individuality. This new orientation is awakening in us an expanded sense of identity and belonging, taking us from self-concern to working in a greater field of awareness. It is clear that this powerful thoughtform is in direct response to a deep planetary need, as we attempt to give voice to our collective dreams and aspirations. With the development of group thought and the consequent group impact, we can mold a business culture that more consciously reflects who we are becoming as co-workers and leaders.

Embracing group consciousness requires us to widen our relational field, to synchronize our minds and grow our inner wisdom, together. The nature of the work to be done is very simple: the development of group consciousness is essential to restoring right relationship, generosity of spirit and coherence in business. Seen in this light, group becomes an even more powerful vehicle for change.

Our journey, into more spacious levels of being, is an invitation to willingly cooperate with one another and focus our efforts, as we collectively assume a greater role, in this broader context. When we show up each day as our highest and best selves, in the interest of the whole, we actively embody an integrated approach to transformation. Our ability to register, precipitate, receive, hold and seed constructive group thoughtforms is referred to as the science of thought-building. As we work from the inside out, we are reminded that each one of our thoughts has an effect on the wider group dynamic and beyond.

As a result, our collective growth into higher awareness is not only possible but it also frees us to build a form of shared co-leadership that takes us directly to becoming this change ourselves, as heart and soul-centered groups. The realization that soul lives within everyone is a gradual process. As group members, our part is to bring this recognition to all those with whom we engage, in all aspects of our lives. This is our opportunity to combine higher frequencies and finer energies in building new thoughtforms that can revolutionize the way we relate and communicate in business.

We are here in this very moment to choose a future, together. We must trust each other to be brave enough to step forward as evolutionary thought leaders. Having the courage to follow our hearts and intuition does not arise without interaction. It is a collective assertion, a mutual awakening.

As the old adage says: “we become what we think”.

To be in integrity with future generations, we need to show up from the deepest part of our being and become more fully inner resourced. This is a defining and initiatory moment. 

Our next human frontier is to work in group consciousness.           

As conscious thought leaders, this is ours to do. Now.

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