What is a group?


Undoubtedly, we all feel well able to answer this question having encountered many groups in our lives and yet the chances are we haven’t really scratched the surface of the true constitution of groups and their potential and importance in the future of human evolution.

Groups have a multi-level constitution just like individuals. That is to say that just like an individual, groups comprise a physical, mental and emotional ‘body’ or aspect.  Similarly they have a soul or consciousness and can access a higher consciousness or Spirit if they are open to do so.

This notion of a group being a living entity with a multi-level constitution is rarely explored outside of spiritual group circles but that doesn’t mean it isn’t real. In most team development work within organisations for example work is often done on the physical and to a degree the emotional level but such work is rarely seen from the higher and broader perspective of a holistic constitution.

Let’s explore each of these a little further. The physical dimension of a group relates of course to its biological physical health and that of its members. It also includes the other physical aspects such as its processes, rituals, patterns and ways of working all of which add up and create a tangible expression of how the group functions. Not to say that these are all harmonious or fit for purpose and we often see a focus on these in development work.

The emotional aspect has at its core the individual’s emotional well-being and how that translates into the ability to create and develop sustainable, mature relationship. So often we get caught in our own dramas and perspectives. True group work asks us to consider a more holistic perspective – to see the whole as it were, and this requires a high level of emotional maturity and an well-defined radar that enables us to sense the true health of the emotional body of the group as a whole.

As we then consider the mental body – this draws in all aspects of intellectual thinking, ideas and the way in which the group works with and processes information. As with the other two bodies, habits form and practices become engrained – sometimes in a good way and sometimes in an unhealthy way. In each of these areas there is the opportunity to elevate our perspective and see a more complete picture – one from the vantage point of the group as an entity.

If we open ourselves to understanding and developing the spirit and soul of the group, we now enter the world of a higher consciousness. Now we start to consider the energy flows within as well as to and from the group. Depending on its level of consciousness the group will become more radiatory, more impactful. It will be able to engage with the world around it with greater intention and subtlety. The performance of the group increases and expands in reach – not because it is applying base level authority but because its magnetism is creating collaboration of a more powerful kind – intelligent collaboration and participation.

Challenging our view of a group from this perspective opens us to a whole new level of resources both on a personal level and on a group level. We create the opportunity for a greater refining of the group in very practical terms (how it functions and what it achieves) as well as energetically and therefore its reach. 

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